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Northwest Greenland 2022

It all began in Qaanaaq, Greenland - one of the world's long-standing northernmost inhabited communities.  From mid-January, Pascale, Lonnie and Tine spent several months here establishing a basecamp, acquiring a dog team, building a komatik (dog sledge), going on training runs with the dogs, sewing sealskin mittens - all by following traditional polar Inuit techniques. 


There was much preparation for the long journey further north to Anoritoq, where, in early March, the dog teams dropped off the three skiers, Pascale, Scott and Jayme, to commence the ski across to Canada.  Due to changing climate conditions, it was not possible to reach the crossing this year.  The team had to ski back to town and instead were able to explore sites that were frequented by the famed Qitdlarssuaq migration.

Enjoy the blog below for updates throughout our preparation and journey in the land of snow and ice. 

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