Current Expedition
Qitdlarssuaq | Returning Home 2022

It all begins in Qaanaaq, Greenland - one of the world's long-standing northernmost inhabited communities.  From mid-January, Pascale, Lonnie and Tine will spend several months here establishing a basecamp, acquiring a dog team, building a komatik (dog sledge), going on training runs with the dogs, sewing kamiks (sealskin boots), making sealskin mittens - all by following traditional polar Inuit techniques.  There will be much preparation for the long journey further north to Anoritoq, where the dog teams will drop off the three skiers, Pascale, Scott and Jayme, to commence the ski across to Canada.

From there, the skiers will embark on a 1200km Arctic journey across the Nares Strait from Greenland to Canada, along the east coast of Ellesmere Island to Grise Fiord and beyond – following the intended return home of the famed Qitdlarssuaq migration.

Follow along when the team goes on training outings, and then from March 8th when we commence the expedition further up northwestern Greenland. 

Enjoy the blog below for updates throughout our preparation in the land of snow and ice.  Update
s from the field will be here too when begin the journey North!