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My Story

Explorer · Mountaineer · Engineer

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario annealed me for the cold.  I later called Ottawa home which opened up weekend warrior stomping grounds such as the Adirondacks, NY and the Green Mountains of Vermont where I discovered backcountry skiing and mountaineering. 

Having devoted a huge chunk of my working life pioneering a world-first waste-to-energy process, I have now left behind a corporate world of  "cram it all in my 3-weeks of vacation per year mountaineering trips" for a balanced life as a consultant on risk management. Now based out of the Canadian Rockies, I can focus on outdoor pursuits.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards:

  • 2023 49-day ski Ellesmere Island and around the East Coast of Devon Island

  • 2022 4-month cultural journey in Northwest Greenland during Polar night

  • 2021 First all-woman ascent of Mt.Lucania, YT (5,226m)

  • 2019 First recorded winter ascent of Mt. Wood, YT (4,860m) & first female winter ascent of a major peak in the subarctic 

  • 2018 First recorded ascent of Jeannette Peak, BC (3,089m)

  • Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

  • Proud Ambassador for Hilleberg The TentMaker

  • Elected member of the Society of Woman Geographers

Ice. Snow. No path? Let's go! The colder, the tougher and more remote, the better!

Pascale Marceau Photo by Lonnie
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Why the Jack pine logo?  Jack pines remind me of home; where they often stand proud on the smooth Canadian Shield.

Their scraggly, far from perfect shape is a testament to their adaptability; they shape to the winds, they shape to the light, they shape to their environment.  Like the Jack Pine, I'm always fascinated by the human ability to endure and adapt to our conditions.

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