Past Expeditions

6c Lucania 2021_EC_-22 (3).jpg
Apr 2♀21

Mt. Lucania | Yukon

First All-Woman Ascent 

"We carried a calm confidence and moved in harmony with one of Canada's hidden gems."

G0061525 Pascale working her way up the
Mar 2019

Mt. Wood | Yukon

First Winter Ascent

"When Plan B, or was it Plan Z finally goes right..."

37 DSC06197.JPG
Mar 2017

Mt. Carpe I Alaska

Winter Attempt

"A long, cold ski... with some climbing & a surging glacier = whoa!" 

Mar 2021

Mt. Hunter | Alaska

Winter Attempt South Peak

"Tried again...Turned around again. Avalache conditions just not worth the risk."

Apr 2018

Jeannette Peak | BC

First Recorded Ascent

"Sometimes, exploration can be in your own backyard."


The Annealing Years

All the stuff before...

"From weekend warrior quinzhees & 3-weeks/yr pack it all in climbs..."

GOPR2783 selfie on rap station_Moment st
Mar 2020

Mt. Hunter | Alaska

Winter Attempt South Peak

"Too technical to stand around at belays in -30."

Jan 2018

Mt. Lucania | Yukon

Winter Attempt

"Turning around... that decision was obvious."