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Past Expeditions

GOPR2029smaller Sverdrup Glacier.jpg

Arctic Awe

Canada's High Arctic

"From polar bears, crevasses and  thin ice… we had no choice but to rejoice in otherwise difficult things." 

6c Lucania 2021_EC_-22 (3).jpg

Mt. Lucania | Yukon

First All-Woman Ascent 

"We carried a calm confidence and moved in harmony with one of Canada's hidden gems."

G0061525 Pascale working her way up the mountain.JPG

Mt. Wood | Yukon

First Winter Ascent

"When Plan B, or was it Plan Z finally goes right..."

37 DSC06197.JPG

Mt. Carpe I Alaska

Winter Attempt

"A long, cold ski... with some climbing & a surging glacier = whoa!" 

AMKA-Thumbail-1_3.14.1 (1).jpg

AMKA | Film

Greenlandic Sled Dog

A story of the bond between Polar Explorers, Inuit Hunters, and their Greenlandic Sled Dogs


Mt. Frances | Alaska

Winter Ascent

"Tried Hunter again...Turned around again, avi risk to high. Nearby Frances was a sweet plan B."


Jeannette Peak | BC

First Recorded Ascent

"Sometimes, exploration can be in your own backyard."


The Annealing Years

All the stuff before...

"From weekend warrior quinzhees & 3-weeks/yr pack it all in climbs..."


Northwest Greenland

A Cultural Journey

"There is no more graceful way to travel through breathtaking arctic land than by dog team."

SWG news Picture.jpg

Mt. Hunter | Alaska

Winter Attempt South Peak

"Too technical to stand around at belays in -30."


Mt. Lucania | Yukon

Winter Attempt

"Turning around... that decision was obvious."

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