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AMKA | Film

Amka, an Inuktun word meaning "one with a friendly spirit," is the story of the relationship and bond between Polar Explorers, Inuit Hunters and the Greenlandic Sled Dog.

The focus of this story is not a final destination or successful completion of a specific objective on a map. Instead, it endeavours to illuminate how traveling in the Arctic by dog team is a deeply connecting force, no matter what culture or country one started from. AMKA shares the profound and lasting impact such experiences have on a person’s soul and celebrates the integrity of a culture amidst change.

The film was produced by Lonnie Dupre, and directed by filmmaker Eva Capozzola with additional cinematography by Josefin Kuschela of JOOSEE Film.

AMKA premieres in Autumn of 2023.

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1 Comment

Sep 05, 2023

Just wow, wow, wow. Can't wait to see the whole thing. So moving. So inspirational. So cultural. So beautiful. Thank you all for exploring and seeking awe and friendship. ~Denny.😀🐾

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