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Greenland 2022: Returning Home

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The team arrived safely into Qaannaaq late yesterday evening to regroup, resupply and plan their next expedition in Greenland. Taking a close look at satellite imagery, they'll evaluate the ice conditions which will depict what their travel conditions and next expedition will be like.

"It's not a surprise, we all know in this world with climate change that the weather is unpredictable, and that us humans have to adapt, and that's what we're doing.." explains Pascale in the latest audio update below. Stay tuned as the team develops their next plan of action.

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1 Comment

Mar 29, 2022

I hope you know how much we're "armchair traveling" with you, searching places on Google Maps that I can't begin to pronounce, envisioning life not all that long ago and the return of Qitdlarssuaq.. Wherever your journey goes, we're learning much about NW Greenland culture and how our lives around the world are all connected - for better and worse. And, you're having one hell of an adventure in the process! Wonderful to hear that you still have hopes of crossing to Canada. Staying tuned in NW WI.

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