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Greenland 2022: Furry Friends, Update

It's always time for a doggy update! We've been out on a few training runs now, things are going well. We are getting to know the dogs and they are getting to know each other too. They are slowly finding their "spot" in the fan hitch and know who they like to run next to. This helps with minimizing the amount of time we have to take to untangle the lines as you see Lonnie doing below.

Love is in the air... Max is in heat and she and Butch have found a liking to each other.

Health is the number one priority for these dogs. Aside from feeding them the best food we can find, the vet came over for a visit too. The system here in Greenland is extremely well organized, the dogs are chipped so their records are easy to follow. Ownership has been updated, and a few received rabies vaccines.

Poor little Jumpy has a little infection in her front leg. Looks like a puncture wound. We've been taking good care of it over the past couple of days.

Theo and Fritz our two youngest dogs continue to behave like puppies! They play together alot... it's typically a pretty fair fight despite their radically different sizes :)

Despite their wild nature, everybody wants love and these furry friends are no different. They respond so well to a gentle touch, a fun squeeze. We always take the time to give each of them a little tenderness when we are down there, especially after a big run. Here is Lonnie with Jasper and Charley II.

Left: Charley II and Jack with Guster and Midnight in the background.

Right: Midnight and Guster

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1 comentário

05 de mar. de 2022

Pascale - Look forwardd to trravel updates but for now I'm thrilled with Furry Friend updates. Love to see the love. Thanks.

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