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Mt. Lucania 2♀21 | Yukon

Updated: Mar 29

An all-women ascent of Mt. Lucania (5226m), Canada’s third tallest peak

Mt. Lucania (5226m), Canada’s third tallest peak, is notoriously windy and cold. Nestled deep in the Yukon’s Kluane National Park and Reserve, this seldom-visited peak has only been climbed by less than a handful of women, and never by an all-female team. The two-person team, Marceau and Marsan, will attempt to be the first women to do so. This will be Pascale’s second attempt at Mt. Lucania.

Mt. Lucania lies 65km north of its famous neighbour, Mt. Logan - Canada’s tallest mountain. Due to its remoteness and harsh weather, this lesser-known peak is rarely climbed. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams through captivating imagery and story-telling of our expedition. Fostering an appreciation for Canada’s wild places is also very close to our hearts. As proud Canadian, we naturally aim to boost Canadian women’s mountaineering renown. What better way to do so than on our home turf, amongst Canada’s breathtaking giants!

The duo aims to empower women to tackle extreme projects. If successful, Pascale and Maude will be the first all-female team to climb Canada’s 3rd tallest mountain. Research is currently on-going to confirm if they will also be the first Canadian women to climb Mt. Lucania.

Both women have fascinating stories to tell.

Transitioning from a mid-career corporate world to a life of simplicity and balance, Pascale’s goal is also to inspire folks of one’s ability to pursue their passions, at any point in their life. Pascale embodies her life motto that it’s ALWAYS worth taking that chance, the result is never disappointing.

As a single mother of two mountain-town girls, Maude is an inspiration to all moms out there. With a little work, strategy, and determination, she is proof that we can all achieve our goals no matter what our situation is!

DATES: Due to COVID-19, the expedition was postponed to 2021. The duo is aiming to fly onto the Upper Donjek glacier in mid-May and will have supplies for a 22-day expedition.

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