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Sharing some inner personal motivations...

Why Mt. Lucania?

Simply put because it is a path less traveled; it is remote and wild. In the shadows of its famous neighbour Mt. Logan, Lucania doesn't see many footsteps. For me, that is appealing. The less scripted elevates the sense of adventure, the decision-making, the route-finding, etc. The feeling of exploration is strong and that fills my soul. Lucania also has an incredible mountaineering history with Bradford Washburn and Robert Bates' incredible story of its first ascent. "Escape from Lucania" by famous author David Roberts is a must-read. And finally, because it is one beautifully aesthetic climb in a breathtaking part of our country!

Why return to Mt. Lucania - again?

Over the years, several trips to the Yukon and two winter climbs in the Icefields, I've built relationships. One gains familiarity with the terrain, the weather systems, the mountain, and of course the network of incredible people who support associated logistics. It is like a homecoming of sorts. I feel privileged to be able to move through this wonderful terrain and to be able to return to a place I so deeply connect with.

Why an all-woman ascent?

I've recently become more aware that I feel a different dynamic when badass women get together on challenging objectives. An all-woman project of this magnitude is an experience I've never had and greatly look forward to the energy and depth it is sure to bring. It is certainly empowering. We thank the Royal Canadian Geographical Society for their support through the women's expedition grant. Representation does matter and only good can come from having more women in the world of prolonged, cold mountain expeditions.

Photo: This new wolf ruff is a gift from @evazolaphoto . It has a beautiful story and I am touched to be sharing this special fur together on this climb.

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