• Pascale Marceau

Lucania 2021: Showers & Champagne!

Updated: May 24

Pascale and Eva got picked up yesterday and are now in Haines Junction tired, sunburnt and stinky. After taking long showers in an effort to get close to that champagne bottle, they popped the cork celebrating their summit of Lucania, Canada’s 3rd highest peak.

A special thanks goes out to Michael Schmidt and Marguerite Richard hosting and logistical support for Pascale and Eva. Check out some off Michael’s photography at https://www.canimage.ca

A big thank you to Icefield Discovery for getting the ladies safely to and from the mountain. https://icefielddiscovery.com Congrats! Pascale https://www.pascalemarceau.com Congrats! Eva! http://www.evazolaphoto.com Warm Hugs, Lonnie Dupre Image courtesy of Michael Schmidt, FRCGS Photography

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