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Expedition Food Planning

Food for 22 days.

All of our food laid out (from breakfast at the top to drinks at the bottom)

Here is our menu for our Lucania climb:

Breakfast: Oatmeal, Granola or Huevos Rancheros Each bag is 280g for 2ppl. Oatmeal and granola are spiked with nuts, seeds and whole milk. Huevos rancheros consist of: hummus powder, instant potatoes, instant refried black beans, powdered eggs, and spices.

Lunch: Salami (900g for 2ppl), Homemade Jerky (40g for 2pp), Hard Cheeses (1400 g for 2ppl), Russian Bread/Expedition Bread, Chubb Energy Bars (110g/400 cal/bar)

Dinner: Noodles & cheese - soba or egg (310g for 2ppl), Split pea and lentils (280g for 2ppl), or Mashed potatoes (170g for 2 ppl).

Treats: Dark chocolate and @clifbar ShotBloks for summit day

Drinks: @foursigmatic Coffee, Tea, Russian Tea, Dark Chocolate Cacao and @skratchlabs Matcha Green Tea and Lemon electrolytes.

All of our food packed up and ready to go in stuff sacks.

The total weight for 2 people for 22 days is 48 lbs (21 kg). We will also have an additional 11 lbs (5 kg) of food that we will leave at base camp in case we need to wait for a weather window to fly out (this will be enough to last 8-10 days).

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