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Expedition Photography... what an art!

For the photographers... here are words from @evazolaphoto as she shares the systems she has developed over the years.

I will be bringing a Nikon D850. It is my true workhorse that I know can handle the conditions we will be in. I’ll body-pack 6 batteries, to keep them warm and functioning for the duration of our time out there.

Gear wraps (yellow and blue folded squares) are essential for me on this trip. Domke makes my favourite ones, they have a waterproof layer with thick fleece on top and velcro in all four corners, making it so you can fold and wrap them in various configurations. They are incredibly versatile, while we are moving, I will have one wrapped around my camera. It will provide insulation which extends battery life and protects the camera body & lens from frosting up, yet is still easy to maneuver with so I can quickly take photos when I need to.

For lenses, I decided to go with primes. These lenses will deliver on image quality while being compact and lightweight. They easily go together in a gear wrap inside the top of my pack. This takes the need away for a camera bag and keeps my lenses protected and accessible. I will aim to be minimal with my lens changes, but will have options to cover the focal lengths I need out there

The moment I go inside the tent where there will be heat from our bodies and cooking, my lens will fog up. I want to be able to photograph the world inside the tent as well, so my trick for this is an extra large ziploc bag and silica gel packets. Before entering the tent from the cold, I will put the camera and body inside the plastic bag and seal it. Condensation will collect on the outside of the bag, protecting the lens as its temperature can slowly rise. Once it meets the temp in the tent, I can take it out and make pictures.

  • Nikon D850

  • 6 Batteries

  • Nikon Prime Lenses: 16mm f/2.8 fish eye, 24mm f/2.8, 35 mm f/2, 85 mm f/1.4

  • Sandisk SD Cards inside Pelican waterproof case

  • Gnarbox data backup & extra battery

  • 2 Gear Wraps (Domke)

  • Peak Design Camera Strap

  • XL Ziploc back with silica gel packets

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