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Keeping our Flangies Warm and Functional

The secret weapon we have for summit day and windy days are smoke-tanned deer skin mitts with wolverine fur. Northern indigenous cultures use a process of smoke tanning which keeps mittens durable and supple. The process also increases the leather's insulation value and makes it more breathable. An added bonus of this system is that the smell of wood smoke reminds us of home.

Combine that with Norwegian knull-bended wool liners and we are set. The key to the wool liner is that its natural lanolin is preserved, which helps keep the liner drier and allows us to beat the frost out of it at the end of each day.

Our mitten layers also include a wind-resistant fleece and a wind shell - both by Wintergreen Northern Wear @wintergreenely. For the thin inner layer, Pascale prefers a @smartwool mitten because mitts are generally warmer than gloves. Eva however, will be using @thenorthface liner gloves for better dexterity with her camera. Pascale will use those same liner gloves for cooking, where dexterity is also required.

With all these layers, and of course the inevitable windmill hand-warming sessions, we should be all set.

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