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Lucania 2021: Flyover

Updated: May 24, 2021

Michael Schmidt, FRCGS Photography on flight with Icefield Discovery captured some incredible images of Eva and Pascale during their flyover yesterday. They were able to catch the team retrieving and advancing their food and fuel cache. Spot in the image below, their red Hilleberg "dome home" tent at lower left of image, and in the upper right, the two black dots that are seprated are Pascale & Eva, on rope, above and below a bergschrund crossing.

Listen in to the audio from the sat phone call from Eva late last yesterday evening from their tent on Mt. Steele:

The team was able to move their previous camp through the technical crux and connect terrain that was critical to their climb.

Their plan today is to move camp closer to the summit of Mt. Steele by traversing its south face. Pascale and Eva are in great spirits with no more altitude headaches and their sun-blistered lips healing up.

You can follow their progress on the SPOT live tracking map. The team called in a very special thank you to Michael Schmidt, FRCGS Photography and Icefield Discovery for the flyover and imagery.

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