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Lucania 2021: High Camp

Updated: May 24, 2021

Pascale and Eva called in after their traverese across the plateau between Mt. Steele to the base of Mt. Lucania upper ridge, which puts them in a position for a potential summit tomorrow.

They have a good weather window for a summit push allowing them enough time to reach the summit and back; but there's an prolonged unstable weather forecast on the horizon. It will be a race against time to get back across the plateau, down the Steele face traverse and the technical triangle to their lower food and fuel supplies.

The team is in great spirits, despite feeling the high altitude and being exhausted from their non-stop haul to high camp.

Their plan is to rest up as much as possible for the potentially biggest day of their expedition tomorrow. Listen in to their summit plans on the audio update below:

Keep an eye on the live tracker as the team will be updating every 30 minutes on their summit attempt tomorrow: SPOT live tracking map

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