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My Why - by Eva Capozzola

Lucania is remote, cold, and stands at the end of a lengthy and dynamic route that few have traveled. It is an alluring mix that is proving to be a lesson in the balance between preparation and presence. We are playing for keeps, so we prepare. Meticulously. We are as prepared as we can be, now we will go there, tune in and respond to the reality through our observations and awareness. Lucania is granting us the privilege of time. Given the length of the route, we will be living on that mountain. We will be afforded the time to begin learning her rhythms while being fully mentally and physically engaged.

It is deeply meaningful for me to be taking on this project as an all-women team. What is even more significant to me is that it is only 2 of us. A challenging and prolonged route lies ahead and it is up to us to take care of ourselves, take care of each other, and make decisions together. The trust required is enormous - not only to be capable but to be honest. To be self-aware, to have the courage to speak up and fully show up, to connect, stay present and engaged, and perhaps most of all - to move with humility, grace, integrity, and the right amount of grit.

I feel fortunate to have examples of these attributes around me, in both men and women. I already feel, just in the time we have spent so far preparing for this endeavour, that the dynamic we have as women creates a space that calls for me to step up. I feel empowered to be bold and not afraid to try. I feel confident in our adaptability. I trust my body can carry my heavy pack through technical cruxes, and I must - there is no one else to take my weight. I feel assured in our ability to problem-solve together effectively when faced with challenges. We are deeply aligned in our motivations for being in the mountains and I know we aren’t there just for the summit, we are there for the experience of exploration.

This expedition is an absolute dream come true. For the past several years I have been focused on building skills and mountain sense to be able to document expeditions. Thank you @pascale.marceau for taking a chance on me.

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