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Planning for Wind

In a previous attempt on Mt. Lucania, Pascale was surprised to experience bluebird days with great visibility... marred by high winds, making an otherwise perfect travel day completely impossible due to extreme wind chills. Good wind protection is paramount to the success of this year’s expedition. We are using @wintergreenely anoraks and pants made of a wind shell fabric that is highly resistant to wind yet breathable to avoid moisture/frost build-up.

The unique design of the anorak allows moisture from our bodies to travel outwards yet keep the strong wind out. Any moisture that collects as frost can easily be shaken out at the end of the day, leaving us and our clothing dry for the next day.

Most importantly, following arctic travel practices, we add to our anoraks a wolverine ruff to protect our faces from frostbite – it works like a dream. We never bring the anoraks and fur into the tent, best to let any moisture frost up and then shake it off in the morning.

Our upper body layering system comprises thin quick dry base layers, followed by @Patagonia fleece and @Primaloft synthetic insulation. The wind shell caps the layers. We also have @Patagonia and @thenorthface comfy down parkas for those extra cold days, evenings in the tent, and summit day. It is similar for the lower body: quick-dry base layer, fleece pants, wind pants, and finally for the cold days some insulated puffy pants.

We will be dry and toasty in all our layers!

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