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What is in our ditty bags?

It always amazes me how very little one truly needs for 3 weeks. The slimmed down @granitegear Air Zippditty bags we bring are filled with true luxury.

Of course, we have the essentials like lighters, headlamps, toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste. Add to that sunblock – luckily we’ll need lots of that. But then come the little luxuries like, earplugs, wet wipes (one every 2-3 days), a notebook and pencil for journaling, and well, I guess that’s about it. :)

All pastes (like toothpaste) and creams (like sunblock) are avoided because they freeze solid in the cold and require rewarming for use. Instead we use tooth powder and sunblock sticks. What about going to the washroom? Well… we bring biodegrable cornstarch bags, LOTS of toilet paper, and the essential collapsible pee bottle! We capture our human waste in the corn starch bags for later disposal.

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