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Arctic Awe 2023 | New Route!

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

"Accept and adapt - we have devised a new route!"

Looks like we are doing a loop :) A nice long exploration of the east coast of Devon Island and its ice cap.

We have not even started yet but we had to adapt. After reviewing the ice formation data, looks like Lancaster is a bust this year, not even to get to Resolute which was our worst-case scenario. Last year, we could have skied to Arctic Bay, but alas this year it's a clear no-go. This is not a surprise, but one we could not predict until the ice data was in. Imagery and reporting don't start until there is daylight up at those latitudes. So we could begin seeing this pattern in mid-Feb. Now, a month later, the ice simply did not form as it has in past years. So... onward we go! Super excited about discovering one of the most scenic areas of Canada's Great North!

Open water in Greenland. Photo by Jayme Dittmar.

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