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Arctic Awe 2023 | Support Crew

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

A lot happens behind the scenes for big expeditions. We wish to highlight some of the incredible crew that is alongside.

Guy & Brian Robitaille | Weather & Ice Forecast

These brothers have been like family to Scott & me for years. Many crazy adventures have been had with Brian. Together they helped us with ice forecasts last year for the Kane Basin crossing. Once again, they will be our weather and ice forecasters on this one! Brian is a paramedic, fitness trainer & aficionado, and he's also experienced in emergency response. If things go sideways, one couldn't ask for a better person on the other end of the satellites :)

Guy is a brain. Even while he's spending hours on his gravel bike, there are compartments in his mind working out 4D chess problems ;) There is nothing he can't figure out. His thorough analysis of ice and patterns will be invaluable!

Alexis Dallaire | Social Media

He's my cousin. He's been an adventure partner with both Scott and me for years. Scott was his best man!

Alexis is humble (that's why I chose this picture - haha), an uber-athlete, and incredibly level-headed. When he's not training, he is a consultant who teaches people about personal security, de-escalation, use of force, firearms, surveillance, and self-defense. He is also a shooting coach, top service pistol, and a solid sniper too!

He has been instrumental in our learning about how to deal with a polar bear encounter and how to maintain & repair a firearm.

Alexis will be the one on the receiving end of our updates from the sea ice. He's the social media guy for this one. He's also an artist and a beautiful soul! We feel so fortunate that he will be the voice for us, adventure partners always!

Scott & I are soooooo thankful to have great friends like you!

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