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Arctic Awe 2023 | Ski Skins

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Last part of the ski setup...

Skins: Skitrab 65% mohair/35% nylon. 35mm wide, full length, permanently fixed

Yep... we barge cement and screw the skins on permantly. It always makes me cringe abit!! But we can't have them falling off, freezing with ice. It's just nearly impossible to dry them to reglue them once we are in the freezing cold.

We switched from all nylon to a mohair/nylon mix this year. More glide with still great traction.

Listen and see here for info about the skins :)

The reality is though... that often times, it is faster to walk than to ski. It all depends on conditions. So we have micro spikes availble to slip onto our boots too.

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