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Lucania 2021: Rest Day

Updated: May 24, 2021

Pascale and Eva are not feeling very inspirational right now. They are completely worn down. Their camp is dug-in at 15,400 feet and they are resting for the day, which turned out to be a whiteout anyhow. They are weak and have ankle and hip pain that need a little pause. Pascale is also experiencing stomach issues and has been unable to eat much. She is getting down some soup and taking stomach medicine. A good rest will do wonders for body and mind.

Pascale and Eva need to re-energize and have low winds and visibility for the descent of the steep and icy traverse that they need to pitch out below them. It looks like they will have a good weather window to descend on Thursday the 29th.

It took Pascale and Eva everything to make it to where they are currently camped.

The sun did provide some heat to the inside of the tent, giving them a break from wind and cold. The weather has changed to be cooler, windier and generally unsettled.

Will keep you posted.


You can follow their progress on the SPOT live tracking map

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